I am an Afro-rythm' dance teacher in Evreux and Vernon in Normandy (France).
I wish to communicate with webcrawlers of the whole world who are interested in dance and in afro-rythm'.

I was born in Riviere Pilote in Martinique. A former dancer and musician of the James Diarra African dance group, I tried to find my roots again. My dancing technic, afro-rythm', is an interbreeding between african dance, and afro-jazz.

Through re-examing my African ancestory and traditions I have developed Afro-rythm' dance and music. I strive for a synthesis of simplicity of movement, gestures, fluidity of rhythm and an exploration of these as a form of personal freedom.

I am a member of the Dance Forum of Evreux, and an active member of the young departemental committee of theEure, that organized in 1995 the National Meeting of the French Dance Federation.

With a small group of musicians and composers, we are now working on an Afro-rythm' CD.

We have memorized many rhythmes in order to choose eight titles for the forthcoming CD.

With synthesizers and African instruments : Djembe, Balafon, Percuton, Sabar, Congas, we create a musical style, something between techno, jungle, house music, and African music.

We are looking for financial support for these projects.

Learning afro-rythm'

If you wish to follow one of my afro-rythm' classes in Evreux or Vernon leave a message.

Afro-rythm' is a registered mark (I.N.P.I. 19/12/1995) for the following services : teaching, education, dance and music formation.

Afro-rythm' music and dance stem from a melding of various influences. They spring from their roots in Africa, Europe and America. These origins give Afro-rythm' music a traditional depth with the sounds of today.

Afro-rythm' dance
The base of the Afro-rythm' technic was born in Normandy in November 1989.

Its creator founder : Louis-Félix BASILE.

Putting together all his artistic experience and what he could observe from the evolution of dance, (the Hip-Hop movement, "Funk-rap", the Caribbean culture, and his African roots) he combined these various influences into a patchwork, hence the term, Afro-rythm'.
Afro-rythm' dance is a synthesis of african dances and modern-jazz with new choregraphic forms, and a new language together with a contemporary music.

It is based on the knowledge of one's body. Its goals are gestual harmony and the discovery of the relationships of music, dance, physical wellbeing and relaxation.
Afro-rythm' dance is a kind of personal expression of freedom, through simplicity of movement.

It is a popular dance with artistic and cultural implications.

Afro-rythm' dance classes

Afro-rythm' music
It is a term invented by Mr. Louis Félix BASILE, alias Steve Kaaba Bemba, former musician dancer of the James DIARRA group.

Afro-rythm' music is a fusion of rhythmes, a western afro-american interbreeding.

It can take its place in the hip-hop, a creative branch of this cultural movement. It can be given a more traditional color with drums. It is music of the present which will find its place in the modern world.

Classes of afro-rythm' music

Ladislas Production Organization
The aim of the organization is to spread the techniques of afro-rythm' dance and music on a European scale by offering classes in African drumming, singing and through educating future teachers of these techniques.

It has at its disposal :

- a drum studio
- a computer under Windows
- a sound engineer
- authors composers

Drum studio :
Development and synthesis of sounds to obtain a harmonious and supple strike.

Work :

supple hands and wrists
music listening
rhythmic expression. The pupil learns how to integrate and appropriate what he plays.

Rhythmes :
Afro-brasilians, afro-caribbean, afro-contemporary, Raga, Reagae, light music.

If you wish to take part to one of these drum workshops, please leave a message.

Classes of afro-rythm' dance
Ladislas Production offers classes of afro-rythm' dance. If you wish to take one of these classes in Vernon or Evreux, please leave a message.

Dimensions of dance :

rhythmic and physical awareness
sensory exploration
Communication through dance
Sessions for Afro-rythm' dance instructors. Applicants should have at least ten years of experience in jazz, Afro-jazz, or African traditional dance.